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The following sections attempt to break down the diverse areas in the Slinger School District by demographics, municipality, region, and even neighborhood. This is a work in progress.  Lot's of acreage to sort through as Slinger School District stretches quite far, at least, from north to south.


There are thirteen towns in Washington County.  Not including open enrolled students who live outside the Slinger School District, students and other school district residents live in parts of the town of Richfield, Hartford, West Bend, Polk, and Addison.  A few students looked at some of the demographics of these towns.  


*A few bits of information concerning Census 2010 numbers here

Unincorporated Areas

In the Slinger School District, many residents live in unincorporated areas like Allenton, Cedar Creek,  St. Lawrence, Ackerville, Kohlsville, Nenno, Nabob, Diefenbach Corners, etc.   A few students started looking at these areas.  A few looked at lakes in the area (Pike Lake, Big and Little Cedar Lake, Silver Lake)  to identify if there was a lake culture. This is a work-in-progress.


*Basic Allenton, Wisconsin demographics here


Within the geographic area of the Slinger School District, there is one village: Slinger.  A few students looked at the demographics of Slinger.


*A paper on whether Slinger is a bedroom community here


*Basic Slinger, Wisconsin demographics here


Sociology students were asked to define their neighborhoods.  In a somewhat rural area, the Neighborhood Project assignment raised questions about how one decides who a neighbor is, levels of interactivity between community members, patterns of building, isolation, status, perception, community change, important landmarks in the area, and what it means to be a community. Students practiced analyzing their street address and block within census tract using the 2010 US Census.  Click on the Neighborhood Picture above to see some of the results of the Neighborhood Project.  

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